The Human Side of a Code Audit

Performing a software code audit is a highly technical skill that requires expertise and precision. But without understanding the goals, cultural considerations, and overall state of an organization, it is difficult to have a successful outcome. When embarking on a code audit, it’s critical to keep the human side top of mind.

5 Lessons from My First Dev Job

One of the greatest gifts of our 2 years in NC was the opportunity to pivot careers. After many years as a Product Manager and Leader, I finally had the time and space to focus on learning to code. With a specific lens as a former Product professional - here are some lessons I took away from my first developer job

Houston, We Have Apple Push Notifications

“You’ve received a message from funnyguy718.” “Yet another person has RSVP’ed to your wedding.” “You have 24 hours to book your next hotel stay at a discount!”Most mobile apps are exponentially more helpful if a user can enable push notifications. Implementing push notifications can seem tricky, but with the help of a gem called ‘houston’, it can be pretty straightforward.

JSON Just As It Is

PostgreSQL’s jsonb data type allows us to maintain the structure of a fixed schema while still taking advantage of the flexibility of storing more unstructured data in JSON. In short, with this approach relational and nonrelational data can be integrated within the same application.

Testing a Rails Template

Testing a Rails Template can feel pretty meta. Whereas you’d normally be testing functionality of a Rails app, here you are testing the very creation of a Rails app - one that adheres to specifications you designed. And while that can be a bit mind-bending, it is absolutely essential if you intend for you or your team to actually use the template.

Regarding Rails Templates

I was tasked with setting up a Rails app from scratch for the first time after only about 2 months at Smashing Boxes. After spending hours sorting through documentation for the various stages of best practices here, I realized that setting up a customized Rails app manually can be both time-consuming and prone to human error. But not to worry - Rails templates to the rescue!

4 Ways to Make Sure That Coding Bootcamp Will Lead You to Your Dream Job

So, you’re applying to a coding school or bootcamp, which means you’ve already asked yourself the tough questions regarding your learning style, availability, and budget. 

But there’s something even more important to consider: How will this endeavor lead you to a job? Yes, you are in code school to learn how to code. But once your brain is filled with methods and models, you’ll want an awesome new gig to show for it. (I’m assuming—if not, feel free to stop reading and return to Candy Crush.)

Time for SmashingBoxes

For my first few months as a developer, I will be completing a training curriculum designed to help me conquer technical challenges and adjust to how the SB team operates. Each day, I'll be posting a quick summary of what I learned yesterday and what I'm going to do today. 

I'm A Developer!

It's official you guys, I'm a developer! Three of the most challenging and rewarding months of my professional career culminated in a final project, so here it is...