What Coding Errors Teach Us (About Life)

One delightful reminder of the order and structure that guide our code, the meticulousness and precision that code demands...ERRORS. Anyone who has coded has been there, probably more times than we'd like to admit. But perhaps rather than hunting down each error as soon as it rears its ugly head, we should pause and reflect. Could our code be trying to tell us something? Something... about life? 

Coding is Kinda Like Cooking

We've heard of coding rockstars, monkeys, artists - but what about coding chefs? There is even an infrastructure automation technology called Chef, complete with cookbooks, workstations, and recipes. So where does the parallel come from? 

My Top Product Learnings

As I mentioned in my last post, from my years in Product I have some idea of what kind of developer I want to be. And before I disappear into programming, I want to share a few quick lessons I've learned from my years in Product that I hope to reference along the way.